Lillestrøm – a bit closer to the rest of the world

Lillestrøm City is only 10 minutes from the airport, and 10 minutes to Oslo City. Here you will find 35.000 sqm office space is being built in Meierikvartalet.

10 minutes to "everything"

Lillestrøm has long been a hub in Eastern Norway. Today, the city is one of the most central places you can live in, just 10 minutes from the airport and Oslo City. It is easy to access whether you are traveling by car or by public transport. Lillestrøm also has a well-developed bicycle network, which will only grow over the next few years.

Working at Meierikvartalet

If you are in the need for new office spaces, Meierikvartalet can offer it all. Be an early applicant, and get the chance to decide on office solutions! Get more information here

The urban floor of Meierikvartalet

The urban floor at Meierikvartalet in Lillestrøm will offer the top of the icing within services, food and retail. Everything from Japanese tea to British gin & tonic, and food from Texas to Tokyo. Meierikvartalet is a place for living and playing!

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